Are you ready to turn your garage into more than just a parking pad? At New Hampshire Garage, we pride ourselves on being the absolute authority in garage makeovers. Whether you want a sparkling new floor to boost the visual appeal of your space or storage to get more use of the area, we guarantee to have the best options for you. Take a look at some of the options available and get started on customizing your garage today.

Garage Flooring

Garage flooring isn’t just a job to us – it’s our passion. Whether you want something simple to replace your drab concrete floor or more decorative for added zest, we have dozens of options for you to choose from. Our matte, solid color, and decorative chip floor coatings provide not only an enhanced visual appeal in your garage but also increased durability. Metallic coatings give a unique look while interlocking tile provides a durable surface. Check out some of the options we have for sprucing up your garage floor.

Solid Color Coating

With dozens of colors to choose from, one of the quickest ways to amp up the visuals of your garage is floor coatings. Opt for a neutral color to complement your home or go for bold to give your garage an eye-popping look. Our high-gloss shine epoxy floors resist stains and prevent flaking paint. The epoxy is easy to clean for years of upscale appeal.

Metallic Coatings

For a more luxurious look, metallic floor coatings combine color with brilliant swirls. This special multi-layered floor coating creates a look of water or flowing lava. Customizing your floor involves choosing a color and your metallic powder and letting the experts do their thing. Each floor is a unique work of art, so you’ll never find another garage that looks like yours.

Decorative Chip Coating

Want to amp up the appeal of your garage even further? Check out our decorative chips to add some spice to your flooring. With an array of colors, you can create a one-of-a-kind look in your garage and make your car stand out. The chips are sealed under a clear epoxy coating for an even surface with no bumps or grooves.

Interlocking Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are another great way to transform your garage. You can choose from several colors, mixing and matching to create your own vision. The tiles are durable and easy to clean, with UV protection so that they never fade. The non-slip surface of the tiles gives you greater safety when working in the garage.

Storage Options for Your Garage

In addition to looking great, you need your garage to work for you. Stop piling things in the corner and parking outside due to lack of space. At New Hampshire Garage, we have tons of garage storage options for you to choose from, each one providing added function and additional space.

Garage Cabinets

We have several cabinet designs to work with, each with a variety of colors, finishes, and materials. Wall cabinets with a work surface give you a place to store tools and accessories while providing a workbench for your projects. Single cabinets can be placed anywhere along the walls to allow plenty of space for cars and other implements.

Garage Organization

Along with cabinets, we specialize in shelves, racks, and bins to keep your garage tidy and organized. Shelving can be mounted all around the walls without interrupting your parking space and can be tiered to give you added storage space. Racks and bins help you to sort and store toys, small tools, and other items. Hooks and pegs are also great organizational tools for the garage, allowing you to hang cords and hoses, outdoor and lawn tools, and ladders.

With so many choices to amplify the look and function of your garage, you may need some time to weigh the options, getting the perfect custom garage to meet your needs. Choose durable, stain-proof flooring and cabinets and organizational tools that suit your lifestyle. When you’re ready for your makeover, rely on the trusted professionals at New Hampshire Garage. With over 20 years of experience transforming garages in the Concord, NH, area, we have the expertise you need to get the job done right. We offer professional garage flooring, cabinets, and organization options to fit your needs. Contact us today.

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