Professional Garage Floor Coating for Your Garage: Here’s Why it Makes Sense

If you’ve been glancing through our gallery of installations, you’ve seen some absolutely stunning garage floors. You’ve no doubt seen other installations at automobile dealerships, professional repair shops, and even a neighbor’s garage.

They all look fabulous. But does one make sense for your garage? To address that question head-on, here are the top six reasons to add a professional garage floor coating to your home.

Garage Floor Coatings Look Awesome

If you’ve glanced over our gallery, you’ve seen some pretty impressive floor coatings, not to mention the storage cabinets and walls. All these installations provide a smooth, polished, sparkling clean floor. Choose a metallic finish for incredible sparkle, or pick a solid color that matches your home and car, or perhaps try some other combination that works just right for your garage.

Coatings are Long-Lasting and Durable

These great-looking floors start out that way and stay that way. It all begins with our installation process. We prepare the concrete using diamond tooling on a commercial grinder. This cleans the top surface and allows the base coat to penetrate for maximum protection. Epoxy coating is also resistant to chemicals, stains, and impact.

The normal life expectancy of professionally applied garage floor coatings is 15 years. Here at New Hampshire Garage, we offer a five-year warranty. While the initial investment is significant (averaging $2,500 to $3,500 for a two-car garage), it ends up saving money in the long run since the coating lasts for so long.

Professional Coatings Protect Your Garage Floor

Professionally applied garage floor coatings look great, are long-lasting, and protect your floor. They are made with a resin that is not only impact resistant but also resists chemicals and stains. Unlike with a concrete floor, there’s no need to worry about spills, drops, or anything else that can stain or mar the finish.

Our preparation process also addresses any existing cracks and pits by applying a polymer filling. This polymer, coupled with the diamond tooling, provides a smooth surface for the coatings. All this protects the floor and allows for easy cleaning with a simple garden hose to remove any dust and dirt.

Garage Floor Coatings Help Prevent Slips and Falls

It’s a grim statistic that half of all accidental deaths in the home are caused by a fall, with most falls happening at ground level rather than falling from the roof, down the stairs, or from a ladder. Not only that, but slips and falls account for over one million visits annually to hospital emergency rooms.

The good news is that high-quality garage floor coatings can help prevent falls by providing a stable, clean, and properly textured surface.

Epoxy Coatings Offer Easy Maintenance

Epoxy garage coatings are naturally resistant to chemicals, stains, and impact damage, which gives them a superb starting point for resisting dirt, grime, moisture, snow, and slush that falls off your car.

We recommend sweeping or mopping the garage floor on a regular basis. Mopping can be done with a bit of dish soap in a bucket of warm water. For difficult dirt or oil, use a bucket of hot water with four to five ounces of clear ammonia. Minor spills can be cleaned up with a paper towel.

Garage Floor Coatings Add Value to Your Home

While garage floor coatings aren’t covered in the Remodeling Cost vs Value Report 2021, it does cover garage door replacement, which weighs in at returning 94% of the installation costs when selling your home. That’s the best return on any home remodeling project.

While the inside of your garage doesn’t directly offer drive-up appeal, it should provide similar value when selling your home. It’s also a big part of demonstrating how you care for your home. And it looks great! All this will help when you’re selling your home.

As you can see, garage floor coatings have some superb benefits from looking good, to safety and protection, to adding market value to your home.

It’s time to investigate the options for your home. Contact New Hampshire Garage for a free on-site consultation. We can help you make your garage dreams come true!

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