Create an elegant and luxurious look in your garage when you opt for a metallic epoxy floor in Concord, NH.

    This is a special multi-layered type of epoxy floor coating that incorporates not only clear epoxy, but also some type of metallic additive. The metallic powder creates a pearlescent effect that flows like water or lava. Because of how this type of coating is applied, you’ll get different results every single time.

    You’ll find metallic epoxy garage floor options in multiple colors. You can even switch up the types of metallic powder that’s used to create a different effect. These floors are visually appealing and can be paired with many other finishes to create the perfect look.

    Benefits of Going with a Metallic Epoxy Floor

    If you are thinking of installing some garage tile or flooring, you can’t go wrong with epoxy. It’s a highly versatile material, and these types of floors are easy to install. Our team will be in and out of your home in no time. On top of that, we’ll be able to customize the look for you, so you’ll get something unique. Each metallic epoxy floor will look different depending on how the metallic powder and the colors settle. Bolder colors draw more attention while neutral colors can give more of a blended finish.

    There are many benefits of opting for a metallic epoxy floor over other options. Some of the benefits that you’ll get to enjoy include:
    • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
    • Better visuals and aesthetics
    • A more comfortable and versatile surface
    • Higher overall durability

    One of the main reasons why a metallic epoxy garage floor in Concord is so popular is because it is resistant to many chemicals, like bleach, gasoline, cleaners, water and oil. It also protects your garage floor, especially if the floor is made from concrete. Concrete is ridiculously porous in comparison to many other materials. An epoxy floor acts like a protective barrier to prevent anything from seeping inside.

    Best Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor in Concord

    With over 15 years of experience, New Hampshire Garage is an expert in enhancing garages and creating a luxurious look. We use only the highest quality products, and take our time to ensure that we deliver perfect results every single time! We offer competitive prices, prompt services and honest advice. You can trust that we’ll always have your back, and that we’ll go out of our way to deliver exemplary results.

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