Creative Ways to Store Your Stuff in the Garage

Has your car been moved into the great outdoors because the garage has become a free-range storage facility? Fear not. There are storage systems ready and able to come to the rescue.

Garage Storage, the Easy Way

We have garage storage options fully covered—including wall racks, hangers, shelving, overhead storage, and a wide range of cabinets. We’ve also assembled a few ideas to get you started on organizing your garage and getting your car back indoors.


Wall storage racks are designed to hold short-handled and long-handled tools. The options include purpose-built holders for several standard tools as well as single, double, and S-shaped hooks. Mix grid wall steel racks or slat wall racks with hooks or baskets for easy storage on the wall, or choose an overhead storage rack to get larger tools like extension ladders up off the floor and out of the way.


For toys and sporting equipment, it’s best to find storage options that are either transparent or open, so you can find what you need when you need it. Look at bins, baskets, and specially designed holders. You’ll also find dedicated storage for tennis racquets, hockey stuff, and fishing gear. There are also several options for storing bicycles, from wall racks to overhead systems. Don’t forget to allow space for storing helmets, so everything is ready to go when you are.


Cleaning and garden supplies can get really scattered around the garage. Ideally, you’ll have them in one place so you can find them when you need them. Options run from wall shelves to tilt-out bins. For storing chemicals and pesticides, use a lockable cabinet to keep them away from children and pets. For the gardening aficionado, consider a work bench area for potting and similar tasks.

Automobile Stuff

The big stuff like tires and wheels can be kept in overhead storage areas. Socket wrench sets and other tools fit nicely into pull-out drawers. Small items like washer fluid, oil, brake fluid, polish, and more can be stored in bins, shelves, or in cabinets. Consider a work bench for this purpose as well.

Seasonal Items

Holiday decorations and other items that are called for once a year are ideally stored in overhead racks and storage bins. See-through bins can help you locate stuff, but that means it’s always in view. Opaque bins can serve to hide the clutter. But don’t forget to label those bins or you’ll be on a merry chase finding stuff a year later.

Lawn Items

Some mowers can fold up and be readily stored on a sturdy wall hanger. Fertilizer spreaders can be hung on the wall or tucked into overhead storage. There are special folding chair racks that are perfect for storing lawn chairs.

We Can Help You Visualize the Perfect Ways to Store Your Stuff

It can be somewhat daunting to consider all the items in your garage and how best to get it all off the floor and into out-of-the-way storage. We can help launch that process with a free on-site consultation.

Once the full list of needs is documented, we use 3D computer-aided design software to display the entire storage system. That way you can see exactly how it’s going to look and make needed changes well before anything has been installed.

Contact New Hampshire Garage today and request a free on-site consultation. We can set things up to store all your stuff!

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