Summer Transformation: Garage Edition

Summer is an excellent time for a garage transformation. The days are longer and the weather nicer, which makes for a more pleasant experience uninterrupted by rain or darkness. And if your garage organization project results in piles of no-longer-used equipment, outgrown toys, and other possible treasures to someone else, the summer is the ideal time for a garage sale. If your garage improvement plans include new flooring, then late summer is the preferred time in many regions, since the moisture levels are low. Below are four recommended ways to tackle the transformation of your garage from a cluttered space to an organized place.

Organize Your Tools

Being able to find the right tool makes chores around the house much easier. Organize your tools so they are easy to find, out of the way, and kept safe from damage. Different garage organizers are available to accommodate a variety of tools. Magnetic strips affixed to the wall behind a work area hold small metal tools. Pegboards and hooks help organize oddly shaped implements.

Customize with Garage Cabinets

Everyone uses their space in different ways. Maximize your space with custom garage cabinets. Custom cabinets offer many benefits:

  • More securely store your belongings. Transfer stored items from boxes and bags into a cabinet where they’ll be protected from pest infestations, oil spills, leaks, and dust. Lock away items of value or those that should stay out of children’s hands.
  • Organize according to your use. With custom cabinets you can consolidate projects, combining components and tools into one place.
  • Adjust the cabinets to fit your needs. Custom cabinets can include hanging rods, adjustable shelves, hooks, and drawers. Combine these in a configuration that stores your belongings efficiently.

Eliminate Clutter, Add Baskets

After purging your space of items no longer used or wanted, eliminate the clutter. One way to transform those collections of things lying about in an untidy mass is through the use of wall baskets. Make use of vertical space by attaching baskets of various sizes to the walls of your garage. Use these to store small items and keep things out of the way but still easily accessible. Wall baskets also are good for storing unwieldy sports equipment and balls or for taming coils of rope.

Get Rid of Cracks with New Garage Flooring

Over time, signs of wear and tear appear on even the best-maintained floors. Garage floors suffer a lot of abuse and are often neglected. As part of your garage transformation, consider investing in new garage floor coating. Many options for your garage floor exist, including decorative chip flooring, garage tiles, and epoxy flooring. Reasons for investing in new garage flooring include:

  • Properly installed flooring protects the underlying concrete from moisture, stains, grease, and cracks.
  • Garage flooring is easier to clean than uncoated concrete surfaces.
  • Garage floor coating is more slip-resistant, which leads to a safer workspace.
  • Coatings come in many colors and styles to suit a variety of aesthetics.

If you have questions about which flooring might be right for your garage or wonder what custom cabinet options are available, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation to discuss your garage organization needs.

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