Garage Renovations Based on Your Goals

Many people think of their garages as lost space. They don’t realize the many ways they can use this room. Obviously, you can park your vehicle in the garage, but there is much more potential here than many people realize.

There are a few different things to think about when you decide to harness the potential of your garage. No matter what your goal is for this area of your home, you need durable garage coatings to protect the floor and storage options that maximize space.

Renovation to Sell

If you are revamping your garage to boost curb appeal because you plan on selling soon, you need to ensure the choices you make are aesthetically pleasing to homebuyers. Try to choose neutral colors that go with the rest of the home, both exterior and attached rooms.

Since the garage needs to look nice for you to sell, don’t leave the floor of the garage out of your plan. Including durable garage coatings in your renovation project gives the garage a finished look and might be the factor that pulls in potential buyers. The small details are the ones that show potential homebuyers you have taken care of the home.

Revamping to Stay

If you currently live in your dream home and don’t plan to move, your garage is a space that can grow with you. You can tailor it to accommodate your hobbies and interests, even if these change over time. The plan you make should focus on versatility and your long-term goals for the home.

Unlike a person who is planning on selling a home, you can choose the colors and styles of garage floor coatings, cabinets, and storage options that suit your tastes. You should still remember the curb appeal factor since what you have in your garage will be visible to the people who drive around in your neighborhood, at least sometimes.

Creating Your Garage Space

Depending on the size of your garage and the number of vehicles you need to park in it, you might have to think up instead of out. Garage storage systems help you use the space above eye level to keep items that you might not need too often. You don’t want these spaces to look cluttered, so you must plan for an organized space. A free consultation might help you realize the potential of your garage.

The perimeter around the garage is a good area for a workspace. Plan for the size of your vehicle when you determine the depth of the work surfaces in this space. You need room to move if you plan on working while your vehicle is parked in the garage.

You can also add hanging storage in the garage. These are useful for outdoor equipment, such as rakes and handheld lawn equipment. You can even keep some tools behind closed doors if you opt for tall storage cabinets in the garage. These tall cabinets are also useful for containing sports equipment when it isn’t in use.

Finally, you should plan for the garage floor. Durable garage coatings come in a host of shades and finishes. You can find one that complements the décor of the home’s exterior and that ties the exterior in with the cabinets and storage options you choose for the garage.

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