Epoxy Flooring: Durable and Beautiful

How does your garage flooring look these days? Clean and pristine or grimy and dull? We’re guessing the latter, but we’re not judging. The good news is that you can get a shiny, new garage floor that will last for years with no magic skills required. All you need is epoxy floor installation and the professional expertise of our installers at New Hampshire Garage.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

We’re glad you asked. Epoxy is a type of resinous polymer that becomes highly durable and impermeable when dried and cured. The very nature of the epoxy makes it ideal for garage floors. After all, garages often take a lot of beatings, from cars to car repairs to woodworking to equipment storage. You spend a lot of time in your garage, and you need a floor that can withstand frequent use. Sure, you drag things and you drop things, but in the end, you’re proud of a job well done. Of course, having an easy-to-clean floor would make things even better!

An epoxy floor is ideal for the garage, but it’s also equally suitable for other spaces. Your basement, for one thing, would certainly benefit from an epoxy floor. As an impermeable coating, epoxy can help stop moisture from creeping across your basement and ruining any items in storage. Epoxy floors are also ideal for commercial uses, such as warehouses, food processing plants, laboratories, and office buildings.

Epoxy Is Strong and Durable

As mentioned previously, epoxy is one tough material. It is perfect for creating a durable floor that can withstand all sorts of rough treatment. Spill some engine oil while giving your Ford Mustang an oil change? Not a problem. The flooring is stain-resistant, which will make cleanup a breeze. Simply wipe up any spills with a cloth or non-scratch scrubbing pad and water.

Dropped your morning mug of coffee? Epoxy floors are forgiving, too. Dropped items won’t damage the epoxy (and that coffee won’t stain the concrete anymore!); just make sure you’re not dragging heavy machinery equipment across the floor, since something that heavy could leave a cut mark or two. Ask a buddy to help lift the equipment if you need to move it around.

Epoxy flooring is chemical-resistant, and it can be made slip-resistant, too. Just ask for non-skid granules, which will be mixed into the epoxy and rolled on like normal.

Epoxy’s Color Options

What’s your fancy: tile red, green leaf, adobe beige or red clay? Don’t worry if you don’t like those colors. We have plenty of other beautiful options that are sure to give your garage just the right look. Whether you’re choosing a complementary color for your collectible cars or you just want something sleek and high-class, you’ll have no difficulties finding what you need.

We offer two types of epoxy floor coatings: decorative chip and solid. Decorative chip floor coating is ideal if you want a bit of color depth but can’t decide which one works best. It’s also ideal if you – and let’s be honest here – tend to sweep a little less frequently than you should. Dirt, what dirt? If you love the look of high-gloss shine and a monochrome finish, you’ll probably be drawn to our solid garage floor coating. We also offer custom colors and custom blends upon request.

Are you considering adding epoxy floor coating? Contact us today to learn more!

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