Epoxy Floor Coating Maintenance Tips

In-home improvement, the garage might not top the list for most. Even when that area is the focus of a homeowner’s attention, its floor is overlooked too often. But garage flooring can transform the entire space, and if you choose an epoxy floor coating, you will enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Several common epoxy floor coating myths need to be dispelled. Contrary to mistaken belief, epoxy floor coating is a practical, affordable choice considering its durability. To truly take advantage of its benefits, you can’t rely on Do-It-Yourself kits; the professional application will ensure the resin is cured properly and looks its best. If properly maintained, an epoxy floor coating will not need to be redone every few years, like inferior paint applications.

Daily Epoxy Floor Coating Maintenance Tips

With proper maintenance, an epoxy floor coating can easily last a lifetime. Here are a few things you should do daily:

  1. Sweep the area free of dirt and grit first, which can cause scratches and wear on the finish. For best results, use a soft bristle broom or commercial dust mop.
  2. Clean up spills immediately. Certain substances such as harsh solvents can be damaging to your floor and can present a potential safety hazard.
  3. Despite its resistance to punctures, epoxy floor coatings still can suffer cutting and gouging. To prevent this, avoid dragging or sliding heavy equipment or sharp or rough items across your floor.
  4. Epoxy flooring is stain-resistant, but you should still treat stains at once according to manufacturer instructions. Try using a kitchen scrubbing pad and hot water. Do not use abrasive cleaners.
  5. Protect your floor from damage by using mats. Mats at the entrances help catch dirt and grime from shoes. Placing mats beneath vehicles while performing maintenance lessens the amount of cleaning required and minimizes potential stains. Welding mats placed under welding projects prevent damage from sparks. Even mouse pads under kickstands help avoid damage to the coating.

Monthly Epoxy Floor Coating Maintenance Tips

  1. Mop the floor with a specially formulated cleaner or a neutral non-alkaline, non-acidic floor cleaner and hot water. Do not use citrus or vinegar-based cleaners. Also do not use soap-based cleaners since they can leave a residue that lessens the surface shine and become slippery when the floor gets wet again.
  2. Let the cleaning solution sit on your floor for a few minutes before rinsing away with clear water. To aid in the process, use a deck brush or mop. To prevent streaking or a dull finish, dry the entire floor immediately using a squeegee or soft towel.
  3. If the floor is heavily soiled, sweep away loose debris. Then use a hard foam mop with a mixture of hot water and clear ammonia to mop the floor. Mix five to six ounces of ammonia per gallon of water.
  4. If your epoxy floor coating develops a dull coating that has not been mopped away, try an electric polishing machine to restore shine.

For your next home improvement project, consider upgrading your garage floors. Add epoxy floor coating to your home and contact us today! We have dozens of colors to choose from and years of experience in giving floors not only a high gloss shine, but an attractive and professional finish that will last for years.

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