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Your home might be the jewel of the neighborhood, but is your garage up to the same design level? Your garage can also be a beautiful, fully designed space that blends with your home’s decor and gives you an amazing welcome every time you park your car for the day. For starters, remodeling your garage floor in designer colors and textures will provide a great foundation for a total makeover of your space — and designer epoxy floors are more affordable than you might think. Here are some things to think about as you plan your new garage floors.

Designer Epoxy Floors: Customize Your Garage Flooring

Epoxy floors are made of a stable coating that seals and protects your standard concrete garage floor or foundation. In addition to providing a stain-resistant surface in your garage, they can also elevate your decor. Since epoxy floors come in so many colors, you can create a completely original look for your garage. Epoxy goes on like paint, so it allows you to create a contrasting border or decorative pattern as well. You can choose from a wide range of existing colors or create a custom shade to make your garage look just like you’ve always wanted it to.

Decorative Chip Garage Floor Coatings

Decorative chip coatings take a solid color epoxy and add chips and flecks of two or three additional shades to create a textured terrazzo effect. This can mimic natural stone or add a subtle starburst of color to your garage. These floors add a designer look and make it easy to blend a palette of several hues in your decor. For a designer look, try using the lightest fleck as your wall color and the darkest as the trim for a garage. Choosing a paint palette from the colors on your chip floor will help you achieve a cohesive look. You can also customize the color blend on decorative chip floor coatings to get exactly the look you want. Chip coatings create a luxe look, even in a hardworking space like your garage.

Solid Garage Floor Coatings

Epoxy floors are available in over a dozen solid colors, but you can also order a custom color upon request. This makes it possible to find just the right shade — whether a neutral or a bold, bright hue — to anchor your garage design and blend the floor with the rest of your home and landscaping. Since the garage is separate from the rest of your home, it offers a great way to choose a darker or brighter shade than you otherwise might for your living room.

Garage Floor Tiles

For even more texture, garage floor tiles are a good choice. These tiles have corrugated grooves set on the diagonal for treads that keep you from slipping. Those lines can also create subtle patterns on your floor depending on how you orient them. Try long stripes on the bias or create a diamond effect with four tiles instead. You can also customize a tile floor by adding a row of border tiles in a contrasting color or creating a classic checkerboard pattern.

It’s easier than you think to get a designer look in your garage. Custom flooring options are a great first step to making your garage look as fabulous as the rest of your home. Ready to upgrade your garage floors? Schedule a free design consultation today.

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